Identifying & Reducing the Risks of Resident Social Isolation

The #ProjectLoveMeter mission is to alleviate social isolation and severe loneliness among senior living and skilled nursing residents caused by limited interactions with visitors.

To tackle this growing health concern, Accushield leverages data from its visitor sign-in kiosk, which maintains an up-to-the-minute record of residents who receive a low number of social visits.  

Upon identifying residents with limited visitor interactions, our goal is to deploy our extensive network of on-demand volunteers to facilitate 30-minute social visits.

An Epidemic of Loneliness & Isolation

In May 2023, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy raised the alarm about the devastating impact of the epidemic of loneliness and isolation in the United States.

In a letter included in his 82-page report, Dr. Vivek Murthy stated; “Loneliness and isolation represent profound threats to our health and well-being. But we have the power to respond. By taking small steps every day to strengthen our relationships, and by supporting community efforts to rebuild social connection, we can rise to meet this moment together. We can build lives and communities that are healthier and happier. And we can ensure our country and the world are better poised than ever to take on the challenges that lay ahead. Our future depends on what we do today.”

Resident Social Isolation Crisis

Resident social isolation, the lack of meaningful social interaction and connectedness is a growing problem in skilled nursing and senior living communities. In fact, the prevalence of social isolation and severe loneliness among skilled nursing and senior living residents is at least double that of their peers living in the community: 22% to 42% for the resident population compared to 10% living in the community. 

While the problem grows, skilled nursing and senior living operators deploy every available resource to meet the needs of their residents and combat the risks associated with social isolation. Unfortunately, in most cases, there simply aren’t enough resources to meet the social needs of every resident.

Our Mission with #ProjectLoveMeter

At Accushield, we believe that our unique position in the industry affords us the opportunity to not just provide hardware and software, but to also help solve access to the resources that our customers need. That’s why we launched #ProjectLoveMeter, an initiative that brings awareness to resident social isolation and the importance of volunteerism in skilled nursing and senior living communities. 


Our goal with #ProjectLoveMeter is to help our customers leverage the power of volunteerism to help reduce the risks of resident social isolation. Through data collection, customer collaboration, and industry awareness, we aim to create one of the largest volunteer networks available to our customers. 


We believe that, by working together, our industry can solve common barriers and promote resident quality of life for those we serve.

Here's How #ProjectLoveMeter Works



Accushield replaces the paper sign-in log technology, elevating safety and security while streamlining key data collection such as contact details and visit purposes.



Using social visit data, the Love Meter report tracks and trends social visits over time, pinpointing the residents who may be at risk of social isolation due to limited or reduced social visits.



To facilitate resident-centered care, community leaders evaluate at-risk resident needs to determine if social visits are appropriate or whether or not other interventions are necessary. 



To help reduce the risk of social isolation while increasing social connectedness, community leaders leverage the Accushield Volunteer Network to schedule social visits. 

Volunteer Management Changes the Game!

At Accushield, we realize that our responsibility to help providers elevate safety, security, and quality of life has to extend beyond providing technology and software and into removing barriers, increasing access to resources, and reducing workloads. That's why we're proud to offer Volunteer Management, a feature that leverages the power of volunteerism.
Volunteer Recruitment

Leveraging volunteer data collected across all Accushield Kiosks as well as industry partnerships and other recruitment efforts, Accushield

Accushield Volunteer Network

Access to the Accushield Volunteer Network is provided to customers with #ProjectLoveMeter. The network consists of volunteers seeking volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Scheduling

Managing volunteer schedules with at-risk residents can be a daunting task, that’s why we offer volunteer scheduling.

Join the Accushield Volunteer Network!

Volunteers are vital to the healthcare industry. Join our network today to help make a difference in the lives of residents!

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Join the Mission to Reduce Social Isolation Risks in Your Resident Population.

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