Identifying & Responding to Senior Loneliness and Isolation Risks, One Visit at a Time

The #ProjectLoveMeter mission is to alleviate severe loneliness and social isolation among senior living and skilled nursing residents caused by limited interactions with visitors.

The #ProjectLoveMeter Mission

The goal of #ProjectLoveMeter is to tackle the challenges of severe loneliness, social isolation, and the risk of mental decline among residents of senior living and skilled nursing facilities, which often stem from a lack of social interaction and engagement with visitors.

By utilizing the social visit data gathered through our visitor management kiosks and other engagement platforms, Accushield can identify residents who are at risk due to minimal visitor engagement. This visitation data allows providers to use Accushield’s Volunteer Network, which comprises 1.6 million people, to arrange for 30-minute social visits for these residents. An essential aspect of this approach is how Accushield thoughtfully matches volunteers with residents based on shared interests and likes, ensuring a meaningful connection. Consequently, this strategy not only aids in the early detection of residents in need but also enhances access to essential volunteer support, thereby proactively improving the quality of care and enriching the lives of residents.

Harnessing the power of social visit data and volunteerism to eradicate loneliness and isolation

As family, friends, and volunteers enter communities, Accushield captures key visit details, including the name of the resident they are visiting, which maintains an up-to-the-minute record of social visits.

With this knowledge, community leadership can quickly and easily identify residents at risk of loneliness and isolation due to limited social visits, and then leverage Accushield’s Volunteer Network to establish and maintain social connectedness.


The Accushield kiosk and mobile app replaces the outdated paper sign-in book, elevating safety and security while streamlining key data collection such as contact details and visit purposes.


Leveraging social visit data, the Love Meter report tracks and trends visits from family, friends, and volunteers over time, pinpointing the residents who may be at risk of loneliness and isolation due to limited or reduced social visits.


After identifying at-risk residents, community staff may complete additional risk assessments as well as capture resident preferences, such as visit preferences, hobbies, and social needs.


To establish and facilitate resident social connectedness, residents are matched with vetted volunteers who share the same visit preferences and hobbies before visits are scheduled through Accushield’s Volunteer Management scheduling feature.

volunteer visiting a resident

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